Monday, March 2, 2009

school sucks. amaths test on wed. yucky. but today choir members had to go victoria concert hall sooo i miss alot of boring lessons. YAAY.
sang my heart out there in vch. i think the whole choir did too. we sounded amazing with the high ceiling and all. i think we really stand a good chance of winning a silver or gold this year. so everybody sing sing sing!! but do mind the pitching lols
At vch, my goodness my stomach was like a blackhole. i was so starved becos i had air + water for breakfast and the singing really burned/used all my calories/ fats lol.
during the 5 mins break, mel,pravin,agnes,and a few others scoured the entire building for a food stall or a vending machine . we ran around the buidings in our heels hoping that maybe food would just drop down from the sky and into our hungry mouths. of cos it didnt happen
every single damn food stall was closed. i thought i was going to die of hunger in vch. imagine how unglam. probably was a good thing , otherwise i would prolly burst my belt. bird-brained seamtress who did my belt, you have no skill in taking measurements. you should go fly a kite or something for a living

thank god we came back to sch before i drop dead on the floor.
got back my english comprehension failed. shamsudin is amazing. she failed everyone except 6 pple. failing compre is demoralizing :(

i'm listening to busted songs now

ps.i love busted


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