Monday, December 22, 2008

i know it's kinda early. here are somepics i promise to upload.
my neighbour iss absolutely annoying okay . that stupid person live in the apartment directly above me and he or she is like having some sort of renovation. they start this hammering sound at freak 9 in the morning! WTH!! SMACK THEM. i need sleep and it goes on to like now like 2 plus. i am gonna stomp up to their house after i finish this post and "talk"to the psycho maniacs. they better not ruin my sleep tmr and on christmas day or i will shave ugly blad patches their annoying gray cat !

yes i can be that cruel if deprvied denied sleeeepp. RAWRR.

only mandy knows what i am going through
well here i go come back and post what happen
bye for now


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