Monday, March 23, 2009

i had been MIA for the longest time manzzz. becos of the stupid NYBC project thing lorrrrrrrzzhh. finally it was over and we won silver with special honours ytd
my team rocks some serious socks off! lolol
anyway i am so annoyed with singapore. eps annoying singaporeans they shuld like go eat some shit. absolutely cant be tolerated.

top 5 most annoying thing/ people
1. young kids who cry in public
2.people who blast their headphones in public
3. slowwalkers who NOT ONLY WALK AT A SNAILs' PACE, they occuiped the entire walkway
4. hello kitty m.a.c
5. P.D.As

young kids who cry like nobody's business in restaurants, malls, in the trains, buses have u ever experience that? i have so many times. omg and their cries are like 1000 decibels ,so ear-shrilling screeching. and they know just when to pick the best time to cry their tiny heads off. they turn into little devils when you're feeling tired lousy shitty or deep in thoughts about something important. all of a sudden you find your eardrums on the verge of shattering. sometimes it takes me my every bit of self-control not to like go over and throttle and smack today in thebus home, if i could, i would have strangle that stupid kid to death. if i ever have kids, i will make sure that they will never ever do that. that's for sure

on the same bus, there was this stupid aunty who sat next to me. her headphones was so damn loud, i could have sang out every word of the song. not only that, the song she was blasting was like some techno/ trance get this- chinese song. probably reminiscencing her young clubbing days or what. the song was damn the whole time i sat next to her, it like listening to some heavy rock drumming with a mix of fingernails scratching a blackboard with a band of singing hyenas. yup that terrible. i really wanted to choke her to death.

slow walkers should be wiped out of the face of the earth, they are a nuisance.i mean if you're old then its okay, its alright. but if you're young and agile, you shuld just do the world a favour and join the old folks' home. it is a rightful place for slow walkers who block walkways.imagine you're in a rush, you're walking. infront there is like a grp of pple talking and walking really slow and they build an impenetrable wall taking up the entire walkway. you clear ur throat, they dont get the hint. you clear your throat even louder they still dont get it. it is until you finally scream an "excuse me" then the notion of standing aside to let others pass finally dawns, they make a miserable tiny space that only a chihuahua can squeeze through for you to what you're suddenly size -4 acrobat who can squeeze through that pathetic tiny space. not only that, they give you the " glare" becos they think you're rude or whatever. people like that shuld be unmercilfully smack in the face repeatly 24/7

actually i dont really hate hello kitty. but i hate it when there is like a cluster of hello kitty faces plastered one place. it chokes me.which idiotic m.a.c marketer came up the concept hellokitty+ m.a.c = cuteness. the whole of tangs is decorated with hello kitty's like i see more hello kittys then people. the worse is the hello-kitty makeup collection set and the hello kitty m.a.c video. the men in the video wore hello kitty balloons on their heads and danced and swayed like morons.good for them that their faces were masked so one can recognise them.pple will probably think they are gay.sorry hello kitty fans.

i hate pple who can grope each other anywhere in public like they're in their own's disgusting.they should like go home and do it.

i hate r.

ps. maybe i am having pms. thats why iam so cranky


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