Friday, January 23, 2009

i am thinking of dropping my pure sciences. it just scares me to death that there was only one a1 for chem and one a1 for physics through out the whole cohort last year. and a few lucky a2s.
crap i am so not ready for this.i cant make this decision soon after cny! RRRWW! what if i get b3 for both sciences omg. shit i rather do combine and get a1. omg iam quite dumb in physics. and shitty chem spa is gonna probably pull my overall chem score L-O-W. bloody hellllllllll.

i feel so stressed about this damn thing. cos like pure science will open more doors for you in the future blahblah and so useful in jc. BUT i dont wanna go jc. i wanna go poly and do like a business course or something. so really pure science is really not a must here. but what if i do get banana 3 for combine science. omg i would rather do pure. the top student was puredropto combine. and like so many pure droppers got AAAAAAs for their combine.

what if i suddenly decided to not work in the business field and work with medicine and chemicals or become a dietitian. and i realise " oh crap i didnt take pure chem when i was 15 i guess im stuck with this shitty job i have ." and i am stuck with in the business field till the day i die.

MORONIC EGGS! whywhywhywhy does moe have to force us to make decision that will affect the course of our entire life at BLOODY 16 .

freaks. do i look like i know what i want in life? what i want in my future? im still young and having fun. i know shit about nothing. i cannot believe i cried that night thinking about dropping pure.. so so so lame and dumb i know . arghhh. pls give me some advice people.

ps. i got 69 for chem overall last year and 58 for physics. advise pls!


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