Monday, January 18, 2010

i am so pissed and annoyed. gosh why is everyone is my hse so shouty and pms-y today. my dad is getting angry and screamy over small shit. my mum is adding fuel to his enormous hot temper. AND he gets redder by the second. i can actually see her smiling when she talks crap that boils everyone's blood. gosh i know she is enjoying this wth she's a mother she's suppose to prevent this. my brother is such a pain in the ass. everyone just likes to say something to make someoneelse's the blood boil with the sole intention of doing so. it's like a fun game. i wanna strangle all of them.

am i the only normal person who shuts up and not say something that will piss someone else off. UGHHH why cant we be a normal family iing the' enjoyand JUST SHUT UP AND NOT TALK TO EACH OTHER IF WE HAVE NOTHING NICE TO SAY ABOUT EACHOTHER. ughhhhh


correct way:
nothing nice to say= cant stand eachother= dont talk to eachother= WORLD PEACE.

the idiot's way:
cant stand each other= says something stupid to each other =quarrel= shouting match begins= WORLD WAR

i wish i was 18 so i can move out :(
i honestly would rather live alone than with my family. heck, i rather live with any tom dick or harry than my family


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