Friday, June 12, 2009

guess what. i just got cured of my insomnia. yayy!
i slept at 10.30 last night. set my alrm at 8 plus. but you know me, snoozedit and woke up at 12.30 cos mel called.

i feel abit crappy youknow waking up after 12. its like half the day in gone...
ok my meals time are kinda screwed too. but im still having my kokos for brkfast + milk ha!
then im gonna completed 500 skips to grow taller. i make myself to this everyday to grow taller.

anyhow. i had this really scary dream. i dreamt that i was in this catholic home/ school for with a bunch of pple from beatty. the nuns were really scary and freaking like they would whip if you talk too loud or smthing. but the funny is that the home was like in a flat but it had 4 or 5 storeys. it was kinda big. and i rmb no one was allow to go the the first floor because the scary head nun was afraid we would escape.
oh and the steps was like piano keys each time i step, it will sound. so freakinglish. ugh esp the stairs on the first floor they will sound extra extra loud. the whole house i hear.
and for some sort of funny reason, the head nun was married. and her husband lived in there too. its getting weirder by the second.
somehow i managed to escape with 4 friends. but 2 when back to the home in the end. cos they were afraid they would be caught and face a greater punishment.

there was much more but im lazy to type. im gonna do my 500


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