Monday, June 29, 2009

have u ever noticed how dangerous facebook can be?
anyone including those u have only met for 10secs can find you online. i know creepy right. but the creepiest part is when your family starts to add you. and all you of the sudden you're like oh shit. omg since when did they ever beocme so hi-tech. i cant believe they even know what facebk is. omg crap shit must remove_____ pics and change my status to single" or something like that. cos for all you know, they can dig out all the dirt on you and babble it to old-fashioned mom and dad. and worst to keep the tabs on you they start check out all your friends and start adding them too. and you're toastttttt baybehhh!

now are you freaked out?
but fear not because i think there is a solution. language
you're could create one real fbk acc and a "family" acc. so you can pose your drinking/clubbin/couple photos up on fbk in its full glory without worrying of mom and dad. hehhe that obcessively take 1000 gazillion pics of you studying in your room, library, starbucks, toilet wherever. probaby pics of you helping an old lady cross the road , picking oranges for an old man something like that. that upload them on fbk. whaaalaaa! there! you're the best son/daughter. hahaha then u fervently pray everynight that they will buy the "saint" act and give u more pocket money and late nights. HAHAH

sch has just started today. it wasnt so bad. i miss the wonton mee. and there was no physics baby! wooooo!


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