Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A sign that you're no longer a kid: you enjoy watching channel newsasia

a few days ago i was at home lazing around watching tv. channel 5 was showing teenage mutant ninja turtles the animation movie. all the other channels were showing equally crappy stuff (i dont have cable). so i thought" i gonnna try channel newsasia "
CNN was showing ' the couch ' it's a programme about entrepreneurs , successful people talking about life , business etc while sitting on a comfy couch.
Dr Georgia Lee ( some v famous singaporean aesthetic doctor that pumps botox into faces) and some other short guy who is also her good friend made an appearance on the show.
i was shockingly interested by the show. it was an eye-opener. there is so much to learn from these pple. i like watching CNN now. not because of that one programme. there are so many interesting programmes about entrepreneurs and stuff around the world like japan hour. i actually enjoy watching the news. it's like im becoming like my parents watching cnn after work. i guess there is no need to fight for the remote anymore haha
i feel like my parents i feel so old or grown-up (in a more positive light)
i am off the watching funny videos of "people falling down" on youtube to recapture my youth


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